Brian P. Sheets

The presideSheets Formal crop Jul11nt of an engineering design firm describes Mr. Sheets as an executive whose “questions could get to the heart of the matter and help steer the design of the product in the right direction. His skills as a business leader are coupled with his understanding of the technical details.  He knows how to develop and then drive to a schedule with military precision.”

As a former industry CEO, Mr. Sheets’ management expertise extends across a full range of corporate functions – national and international operations, engineering & program management, product assurance, P/L, strategic corporate partnerships, new product introduction, turn-arounds, and business plan development.  He is known for his bottom-line focus, expertise in business process re-engineering, creative problem resolution, and innovative ideas on advancing the corporate agenda.

As a transformation driver, Mr. Sheets’ has participated with firms both as a consultant and as an interim executive.  The diversity of his organizational experience allows him to bridge the gulf between functional groups, internal and external resources, and create synergy among cross-functional teams.  His experience includes all sizes of companies from start-up’s, to multi-national corporations, to public agencies.